Rodents in Ohio

What was that….Did you see that? A dark shadow darts across the corner of the room. Or maybe you hear the slight sound of scratching in and the wall and the pitter patter of tiny feet on the floor. Worse yet perhaps you’re finding tiny holes chewed through your food stores. No doubt about it, you have rodents in your home or business.

It can be difficult to identify the type of mice in your home, but the experienced rodent control experts at Unity Property and Pest have dealt with them all. Mouse or rat? Deer mouse vs House mouse? Regardless of the species the last place you want to find them is where you live or work. Did you know a rat can squeeze into your home through an opening the size of a quarter while mice only need a dime sized entrance, and once they get in, rodents don’t like to leave.

Different infestation environments call for different removal techniques. Our team is trained to analyze the problem and work with you to create an effective custom removal plan around your needs.


The danger of rodents

We instinctively know that rodents don’t belong near our food, our loved ones, or within the walls of our homes. You’re not wrong to feel that way…

Rodents carry fleas and ticks and track in outside dirt and can pose serious health and safety risks to the human population. Mice and rats are responsible for massive food loss every year; chew through our belongings and walls, and worst of all can be responsible for house fires by chewing through wiring.

Although dangerous, you can trust that we have the experience and tools to remove this problem for you and help keep you and your family safe.

House Mouse Control Tips

Often seen with a pointed snout and large rounded ears, the house mouse is one of the most abundant rodents encountered in Northeast Ohio.

Effective control requires sealing as many holes and cracks as possible on the outside of your home. Likewise remove piles of debris, bricks, leaves, etc from near your homes foundation, and keep firewood stored as far from the home as possible.

You can stuff large holes or cracks in your foundation with steel wool or wire mesh and then seal with caulk or foam to remove the places rodents might enter your property. Lastly ensure your garage door tightly seals to the floor, to help avoid house mice from entering there.

Rat Control Tips

Rats can prove to be a formidable opponent for the DIY homeowner. A carrier of fleas and ticks, rats can pose serious health and safety risks to the human people, especially the young or sick. 

 The key here is removing their interior food source to make them less interested in your property. Seal any exterior holes larger than ¼” wide. Dripping faucets, open pantries and sloppy trash cans are welcome signs for rats. Routine inspection for signs of rodent activity, consistent placing of baits and structural improvements are key to controlling a rat infestation and preventing them from happening in the first place.

Unity Property and Pest’s trained team can identify the rodents infesting your home, remove them, and provide insights to keep your home free of these pests.
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