Northeast Ohio Mosquito Control

Summer in Ohio is best spent outdoors with family and friends, sitting around the campfire and watching the stars, or maybe cooking out and relaxing in the cool evening breeze. But without fail you’ll soon have unwanted guests visiting and bring with them the familiar ‘buzz’ sound of mosquitoes.

Not only are mosquitoes annoying but they are also responsible for the spread of diseases including West Nile and Malaria, and can even spread heart worm in your pets. 

Unity Property and Pest is proud to offer mosquito spraying service to their customers to help make your summer events memorable without the annoying guests. With our professional mosquito control you won’t have to worry about mosquitos ruining your plans. Take back your backyard!


Prevention Tips

The best resource we have to help you protect against pests is sharing knowledge with our customers to help you be proactive. A two pronged approach to mosquito control that includes Unity Property and Pest mosquito control services and a homeowner following the below tips will help ensure a safe and enjoyable outdoor season.

  • Make sure gutters and downspouts are clean and draining properly
  • Trim grass and shrubs around the home
  • Keep trash containers tightly covered
  • Eliminate or reduce standing water around your property
  • Add fish to ornamental ponds
  • Repair leaking faucets or pipes
Let Unity Property and Pest’s trained team give you back your backyard and peace of mind. With mosquito prevention and treatment, give your family protection and safety.
Unity Property & Pest
Mosquito Specialists


While there are certainly many over the counter solutions that a homeowner may employ around the home to reduce mosquito contact, most people who have tried them can attest that they have a limited at best and often an unfortunately unnoticeable effect on the mosquitos in their yard, which results in a frustrated and mosquito bitten homeowner.

In addition, do-it-yourself applications run the risk of being misapplied in a way that can pose serious risk to humans, pets, wildlife and the environment.

Our approach for mosquito extermination revolves around treating the nesting and breeding sites of the mosquito to reduce local activity.

We perform a full inspection of the property’s exterior to discover what specific areas will benefit most from our mosquito spraying service. We seek out and destroy both adult mosquitos living in plants and the developing larvae growing in standing water. Our pre-scheduled mosquito treatment runs throughout the Ohio mosquito season and offers your best protection against these flying parasites