Sewer Line Inspection

Why Inspect The Sewer Line?

Most homebuyers know they should get a home inspection before closing, but sewer scope inspections are often an afterthought as they are typically not included in a standard home inspection. We work to educate our customers in the Akron, Canton and Cleveland Ohio region that a sewer inspection for home purchase is one of the most important inspections the buyer of a home can order, especially if the home is older.

A sewer inspection allows the home buyer to literally peak underground, find problems before they arise, and leverage that information in their sales negotiations. A lateral sewer inspection can turn up numerous problems that can be very expensive to fix. You definitely want to know if a sewer has issues before you buy a home, not six months down the road! 

Be sure to include a Sewer Line Inspection from the professionals at Unity Property and Pest before you buy your new home. 


Should I Get A Sewer Scope Inspection?

Tree roots and damage over time are the nemesis of sewer lines, but never fear – a sewer line inspection allows you to rest at ease because you can avoid problems before they surprise you. Sewer line problems can happen in a any age home, however in our experience a sewer scope inspection is especially important if your future home is over 20 years old.

Many older homes used cast iron pipes as their sewer connection to the main. While cast iron is made to last they do deteriorate over time, exposing weaknesses in the metal. Clay tiles pipes were also commonly used and have small gaps at the pipe unions which creates opportunities for root intrusions.

Another reason to order a sewer scope inspection is if your property has well established trees. Tree roots wreak havoc on sewer lines as they are attracted to water and will find the smallest crack in a line and force their way in. They are fast growing and can crush or obstruct a sewer line easily. Settling, ground shifting, poor materials and subpar installation are other common issues that if not detected early can cause very expensive problems down the road for the homeowner.

Unity Property and Pest’s trained team can identify potential sewer issues in your residential home or commercial property before you buy to help you make a smart purchase decision and save money.
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What Is A Sewer Lateral Inspection?

During a Unity Property and Pest home inspection, our inspector will inspect every aspect of your home including kitchen and bathroom the fixtures to ensure their operation. But remember, that only shows us the functionality of your fixture and in house drains. A partially blocked or damaged sewer line is a problem that doesn’t show up overnight, so the issue may not reveal itself during your home inspection.

A home inspection sewer inspection is a relatively simple, but essential process. Our certified inspectors attach a camera to a snake line, which they maneuver through your sewer lines. Not only will this process tell you if the sewer line is clogged, but it will also reveal the overall condition of the system, including the type and quality of material used. 

All sewer inspections results will be documented and included in your home inspection reports. If a problem shows up on the inspection report, you can discuss options with your REALTOR®, whether that means negotiating repair costs or, if the problem is bad enough, abandoning the deal. 

It’s important to note that not every blocked sewer line is a big-ticket problem, and many sewer lines go through their entire service life without any issue at all. But a sewer inspection is just another check on the responsible homebuyer checklist, and, in some cases, it may be the best prevention money you spend. 

How Much Does A Sewer Inspection Cost?

Whether you bundle a sewer inspection with your home inspection, or order a sewer inspection on it’s own, you’re making a low cost investment in protecting your most valuable asset.  At Unity Property and Pest we offer sewer inspections bundled with a home inspection for an additional $175. We also offer sewer inspections on their own for $275.00, so homeowners can gain peace of mind at any time.  Our inspectors will use video cameras to visually inspect your sewer and gather detailed information about the make and status of your drains and provide detailed information to help you in your home buying decision making. 

We believe it to be money well spent, considering your future home could be sitting on hundreds of feet of plumbing. On average, repairing or replacement of a sewer line can cost between $4000 – $25,000. A sewer line inspection will always cost less than sewer line damage repairs. Let the professionals at Unity Property and Pest help you with purchasing peace of mind.