Mold Testing

Is mold dangerous?

Besides being unsightly, mold is a severe health hazard that can cause or exacerbate allergies, breathing problems, headaches, or even medical conditions that require hospitalization. We often think of mold as primarily a problem in the more humid Southeast United States, but we’re not immune from it here in Northeast Ohio. 

Dark, moist environments combined with organic material are the only conditions necessary for mold growth. It grows often where warm air and cool air meet: roof and foundation leaks, overflowing washing machines, and basement flooding.

If you suspect mold at your business or within your home, contact Unity Property and Pest immediately for an assessment. 


Mold Testing in Ohio

To discover if your property actually has mold, we’ll perform a visual assessment. During our evaluation we’ll measure the moisture and humidity inside your home and look for red flags that may suggest moisture intrusion.

We may also use a thermal imaging camera and a moisture meter to identify any moisture hidden within the structure of your home. After the visual assessment, we’ll take indoor and outdoor samples, physical samples, or both.

Then we’ll have a certified laboratory examine the samples for traces of mold spores. For additional information, check out the EPA’s Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home for more info.

Unity Property and Pest’s trained team can verify if your residential home or commercial property has mold and take the next steps to rid you of this health hazard.
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