Education on termite prevention and professional annual termite inspections are key to protecting your home and business from termites. Termites are often called the ‘silent destroyers’ as infestations start hidden behind walls, floor coverings and insulation and can remain undetected for years without immediate damage.

Small steps however, make a big difference in termite prevention and sustaining an effective termite treatment plan. Here is all you need to know to help deter termites from your property.

How termite control works

Step 1
A trained termite specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your home, carefully looking for evidence of termite activity and potential access points.

Step 2
Customized plan
Based on our findings, we’ll customize a treatment and/or protection plan to protect your home against termites.

Step 3
Annual inspection
During each year of your plan, we’ll conduct another inspection to make sure your home is free of termite activity. In the unlikely event termites are present, we’ll treat your home to take care of the problem at no additional cost.

  • Licensed Radon Tester
  • Licensed WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) Inspector
  • Certified and Licensed Home Inspector
  • Licensed Commercial Applicator for Pest Control
  • Certified Mold Tester