Pest Inspection

Pest Inspection

Since your home or business is one of the largest investments you will ever make, it is important to take steps to protect it from threats. Pests are a threat to your home and can have a negative impact on its’ value if they are allowed to cause extensive damage. Two types of pests that can cause major problems are termites and rodents.

Termites are famous for their ability to eat through the structural wood on houses and other buildings. They can develop large colonies and silently eat away at the wood support structures. The damage they cause can lead to structural issues in your home such as cracked walls, ceilings, and floors. In addition they can make it difficult to open and shut the doors in your home or business once extensive damage has occurred.

Rodents can also chew through things in your home or business and cause damage. They are known to chew through wiring and sheetrock, among other things. The damage from these pests may not be noticeable on an initial walkthrough of your property which is why it is important to have a pest inspection. An experienced inspector will be able to identify subtle signs of pest activity and let you know if action is necessary.

Termite Control

Do I have termites?

Termite activity often goes undetected. If termites find a crack as thin as a credit card in your home’s structure, they can get in and eat away without any visible signs. That’s why effective termite control is vital.


Rats can enter homes and buildings through floor drains, broken pipes, holes in the floor, abandoned sewer drainage and exterior voids. Often time rats move inside and outside of the structure numerous times throughout the night. 

Unity Property and Pest recommends a 3-4 service program. Initially we set traps to capture all current rats as well as identify entry points and give recommendations to seal up. The follow ups are to clear traps and reset to be sure all rats have been removed and entry point repairs have been made and are still working, we issue a 6 month guarantee.


Mice are typically found in homes. They can find entry into a hole the size of your pinky finger.They are active mainly in the end of fall and winter and beginning of spring. Common areas are kitchens (behind fridge, stove and cabinets), bathrooms, basements and attics. The most common visible evidence is their droppings. Very small black droppings (approximately the size of uncooked rice).

​Unity Property & Pest recommends one-time baiting program with a 6 month guarantee. This treatment is also included in our yearly and quarterly program. Our baits are professional formulations specific to mice.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been on a drastic increase over the last 5 years. Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded mammals. They conceal themselves in tight cracks and crevices. They are often found in furniture and bed parts, such as mattresses ,box springs, bed frames, couches and furniture.

Distinguishing characteristics:  The adult bed bug is oval and flat. They grow to only about a quarter of an inch long (approximately  the size of an apple seed). Bed bugs lack wings. Bed bugs use a piercing, sucking beak-like mouth part to penetrate the skin of their host. Adults are brown, but appear reddish-brown when engorged with blood.

Unity Property & Pest offers inspections, treatments and evaluation for bed bugs. It all starts with an inspection and consultation to determine the best elimination program for you!

Hornets/Yellow Jackets/All Wasps

Bees are a common problem during spring, summer & fall often in the spring when they are seeking to establish a new hive in or around the residential or commercial premises. Wasps or yellow jackets, can attack as a group and may sting many times. Yellow Jackets usually nest in the ground, rocks, tree stumps, wall cavities and void areas. Wasps usually nest under eves, overhangs, decks and windows. Wasps and Yellow Jackets can become even more aggressive later in the season. Hornets build large paper nests in trees or houses. 

One time treatment for active areas. Pre-treatments are very popular.

German Cockroach

The most common roach in United States homes. Breeds throughout the year. Favors humid, moist cluttered atmosphere.Found mostly in kitchens and bathrooms but in heavier infestations can be in all rooms. They prefer to at night and dark areas.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Adults are about 1/2″ long, brown with two dark streaks on the thorax. The female is darker in color with a broader, more rounded posterior. Both sexes have wings as long as their bodies.

Unity Property & Pest recommends a 3 treatment program for complete control. Heavier infestations may require more follow up services. We use multiple treatment methods for best control, chemical treating baits, growth regulators and glue boards. Unity Property & Pest also helps with proper preparation recommendations for the most successful control.


Spiders are a common house pest that can get large in numbers. Spiders do tend to help eliminate other insects as well. 

​Unity Property and Pest can treat spiders inside or outside with a one-time treatment but highly recommends a 4 season or quarterly program for complete control. All spider treatments include removal of all webs inside and outside.